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    (BQY71984) Organic Vitamin A Facial Whitening Hydrating Skincare Set 16pcs

    (BQY71984) Organic Vitamin A Facial Whitening Hydrating Skincare Set 16pcs

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    Split Yeast Vitamin A Skincare Set- 16pcs

    Helps repair dull skin, uneven skin tone, oil and dirt build-up, dryness, and lack of water!!!

    Are you troubled by the following problems?

    Make-up pollution! Staying up late working overtime! Electronic radiation!  Environmental pollution!

    Dryness, roughness, fine lines, dullness, and other skin problems are constantly emerging, making you always worry about these skin problems.

    A variety of skin problems can be improved by a set of skin care products!!!

    1 Split Yeast Vitamin A Purifying Cleansing Balm 100g + Cleanse skin pores
    + Take away excess grease dirt
    + Refreshing and not tight after washing
    2 Split yeast vitamin A alcohol rejuvenating toner 100ml + Clear and lustrous and easy to absorb
    + Texture hydrated silky non-greasy
    + Deep into the bottom of the muscle
    3 Split yeast vitamin A alcohol-enriching lotion
    100ml + Skin moisture is not easy to lose
    + Skin is smooth and shiny
    + Skin is soft and supple
    4 Split yeast vitamin A alcohol rejuvenating serum 15ml*11 + Radiant and supple skin
    + Texture clear water dripping essence
    + Moisturize the floor in many ways
    5 Split yeast vitamin A alcohol-giving facial cream 50g + Texture smooth and moist
    + Texture like soft gauze light wrap
    + Lock in youth blooming brilliance
    6 Split yeast vitamin A alcohol-enriching eye cream 15g + Smooth and skin-friendly texture
    + Thin and easy to absorb
    + The eye muscles are soft and smooth


    • Vitamin A alcohol (of Retinol)

    Improves skin lines, dullness, dryness, dehydration, and other problems.

    • Split Yeast

    Rich in a variety of moisturizing ingredients, it improves skin problems, and deeply nourishes and pampers the skin, making the skin more elastic.

    • Niacinamide

    Brightens and moisturizes the skin, improves skin dullness, and makes the skin radiant and radiant.

    • Centella Asiatica

    Improves fine lines on the skin on the face, moisturizes the skin, and makes the skin more delicate.

    - Item Type: Skincare Set
    - For Skin: Face& Eye
    - Skin Type:✔Normal  ✔Oily  ✔Combination  ✔Dry  ✔Sensitive
    - Gender: Female
    - Age Group: Adults
    - Ingredients: Retinol, Split Yeast, Niacinamide, Centella Asiatica
    - Benefits: Moisturizing, Whitening, Hydrating, Meticulous pore.
    - Net WT/VOL: 100g+100ml+100ml+15ml*11+50g+15g
    - SKU: BQY67116


    Skincare steps for the Bioaqua Skin Care Kit

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