Bioaqua specialized in high-performance, plant-based skincare, and makeup. Bioaqua's expertise is well-known in acne and blackheads treatments, exfoliators, masks, hydration, and more.


    Bioaqua advocate the use of plant-based ingredients to treat our skin, as natural skincare products are more easily absorbed by the skin, thus achieving the best efficacy of the product.


    We have ancient skin care formulas that have been verified by scientific experiments. Through the feedback of various skin types, as well as decades of continuous research and development and improvement, we now have mature formulas and exquisite plant extraction technology.


    Bioaqua's complete line of skincare and makeup products meets the needs of different skin types. Our products for acne treatment, blackhead removal, exfoliation, hydration masks, creams, and more have received many positive reviews.


    Bioaqua hopes to help more people solve the problems caused by skin problems by providing high-performance skincare, makeup, and hair care, and regain the skin like spring.


    Achieve Beauty

    In order to achieve more beauty and maintain continuous innovation, BIOAQUA brings together biological and medical professionals to jointly develop products worthy of the trust of consumers around the world.

    Share Beauty

    After decades of market precipitation, BIOAQUA has won many loyal customers. We have always hoped to use our products as a carrier to share the process of achieving beauty with more beauty lovers.

    Create Beauty

    "Let beauty be power" is what BIOAQUA has been doing. We not only focus on natural skin care but also care about inner beauty and the earth's environment. To this end, we have established an environmental protection fund.





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