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    (BQY45015)Golden Moisturizing Eye Mask

    (BQY45015)Golden Moisturizing Eye Mask

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    Golden Moisturizing Eye Mask

    Moisturizes the delicate skin around the eyes, leaving the skin feeling hydrated, helping to improve dryness, smoothing the skin, reducing eye lines, and leaving the skin supple and plump.

    4 Eye Problems

    Eye Fatigue        Dark Circles        Dry Fine Lines        Fat Granules

    24K Gold Effect -- good adsorption, active skin cells

    Small-molecule active gold penetrates the dermis layer of the eye layer by layer, cares for the eye area from the root, and solves eye problems.
    Nourishes thirst and lack of water, relieves the problem of uneven skin tone due to lack of water, locks in moisture, moisturizes and translucent, making the skin around the eyes as smooth and tender as grease.
    Moisturizing ingredients extracted from natural seaweed can lock in moisture and improve the absorption time of the skin, leaving the skin clean, vibrant, and elastic.


    Replenish lost moisture and revitalize the activity around the eyes.

    Helps replenish the moisture and nutrition that the skin needs, while increasing the moisture content in the skin, locking the moisture of the skin around the eyes, making the skin more hydrated, and repairing the problems of loose skin around the eyes and fine lines and dry lines.

    Highly concentrated hydrogel eye patch: has a strong fit and cool feeling.

    Instantly melts when heated, visible water-soluble collagen
    Stir in 40°C warm water to dissolve.

    - Item Type: Eye Mask 30 Pairs
    - For Skin: Eye
    - Gender: Unisex
    - Age Group: Adults
    - Net WT: 80g
    - SKU: BQY45015


    2-3 times a week, 20-40 minutes each time.


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