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    (BQY2538) Egg Facial Mask - Smooth Moisturizing

    (BQY2538) Egg Facial Mask - Smooth Moisturizing

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  • Treat Yourself To A Clearer Complexion: Eggs' astringent properties help shrink enlarged pores to refine and lift, leading to less oily skin, helping prevent acne and blackheads.
  • Advanced Facial Treatment For Bioaqua: Hydrate, brighten, and firm skin with the perfect balance of carefully selected fruit oil extracts and our scientifically developed chemical formula.
  • Authentic Ingenuity For Cleansing Effect: This easy-to-use cream mask is founded on Bioaqua innovations, to help detox sensitive skin exposed to harmful pollutants that dull and diminish otherwise majestic complexions.
  • Enriched Ingredients: Purifying ingredients combine to remove excess facial oil caused by stress and harsh weather while you relax and enjoy the tingle as the mask forms.

    Egg Facial Mask - Smooth Moisturizing
    Egg Facial Mask - Smooth Moisturizing
    Egg Facial Mask - Smooth Moisturizing
    Egg Facial Mask - Smooth Moisturizing
    Egg Facial Mask - Smooth Moisturizing
    Egg Facial Mask - Smooth Moisturizing

    • Item Type: Egg Facial Mask
    • Formulation: Mask
    • Type:  Face Mask
    • Use: Face 
    • Gender:  Female
    • NET WT:  30g
    • Benefits: Tender, Smooth, Firming, Nourishing, Brightening, Whitening
    • Ingredient: Water, Glycerin, Hyaluronic acid, protein Extract, egg yolk extract.
    • SKU: BQY2538

    1. Wash your face.
    2. Take out the facial mask.
    3. Put the mask on your face.
    4. Wait for 15 to 20 minutes until absorbing.
    5. Tear off the mask.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 23 reviews
    Sondra Workman
    Love it

    The Egg Facial Mask really hydrates my skin. I will definitely keep buying them.

    Rachel Lenny

    I like wearing them. These masks feel luxurious and seem to make big differences in my skin's suppleness. I will continue buying and using these because they're the best of what I see as an overblown fad.The cut-outs line up well with my nose and eyes, the mask is thicker and lays better against my face, and the serum in it is thicker and better feeling. it is egg cream. Also Smells great

    Odin Maton

    Love it !

    Andrew Bruce

    I have acne prone and combination skin. often dry around my mouth, oily forehead and nose, I have a little bit sensitive to harsher ingredients and intense products. This mask doesn't slide off, it's definitely hard to not apply one every night.

    Zoe Patal

    I have dry skin these egg masks just made my skin feel wonderful. I see benefits for a few days at a minimum, and sometimes I touch my skin. I am so surprised at how soft the egg mask is.


    A really great face mask to add moisture and hydration to my face skin and hand skin. The mask is slimy when handling but not super slimy and there is a light egg smell.

    Dennis Schamberger

    Received all 5 in my package. This has a pleasant neutral scent, adheres firmly to skin without sagging or flopping, and feels amazing and soothing! This really calms my sensitive skin, which can get red and flaky in the winter. Just rub the excess serum in, including neck and chest for a dewy, refreshed face.

    Destin Hagenes

    Is my next order. Facials very well work. Recommend

    Shyann Moore

    Shipping was fast! It smells better than other masks I've used and feels lightweight when wearing. I like that it had a backing which made unfolding much easier. I included a photo of the package (after opening of course!) as it's just too cute.

    Rory Boyer

    THE most creamy and hydrating mask I have ever used, and I've tried so many different brands! I absolutely LOVE this mask. Usually I don't like the feeling of leaving the leftover essence on my face after removing the mask, but with this one, I did! I usually do it close to bed time and sleep with the essence on, and I wake up with my skin looking less red, smoother, and plumped up with moisture. I think this mask would work wonders for all skin types even though it's very hydrating. Nothing bad to say about it, would recommend to anyone!





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