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Seaweed Facial Mask

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BIOAQUA Brand Seaweed Mask Collagen Essence Face Mask Whitening Moisturizing Oil Control Pore Lifting Skin Care Cosmetics Facial



  • Product Features: Seaweed is rich in beauty ingredients, add moisture and nutrients to the skin, and lock the skin moisture to help improve the skin dry so that the skin tender and moving.
  • Deposited Feet: moisturizing lock water, to help improve the skin caused by skin problems caused by water.
  • Your Hand: let you stay away from the housewife's hand, a dry hand, no longer worry about being embarrassed when the hand.
  • Deposited Back: moisturizing the skin, replenish the skin with the necessary moisture, wearing a halter dress is no longer a dream.
  • Apply for the Neck: moisturizing skin tightening, neck tender and delicate.



      Item Specifics

      Item Type: Treatment & Mask
      Benefits: Moisturizing, Anti-Aging, Skin Clean 
      Ingredient: Seaweed 
      Gender: Female
      Formulation: Cream, Seaweed Mask
      Use: Washable 
      Type: all kinds of skin
      NET WT: 200g


      How To

      • Step 1: After cleansing and cleansing, take appropriate (about 30g) of seaweed into a clean mask bowl, into the (80-90ml) warm water.
      • Step 2: the mixing with the film stick bar until the full absorption of water full, seaweed particles will precipitate collagen.
      • Step 3: the mixing of good seaweed particles with your fingers smooth, stretched close to the face.
      • Step 4: Apply the stretched algae granules to your face, buckle your eyes, nose, and mouth. Twenty-five minutes after the expose and wash with water.


      1. The amount of water to control the good, too much will slip down.
      2. Deposited mask if the process of feeling dry. You can add some water in the dry place, naturally moist again.
      3. Use mask does not throw. You can continue to hand, legs and neck.

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      I don’t get it yet



      I love this so much!

      Mix this mask with 2-4 capsules of vitamine and 2 spoons of aloe Vera, it is so nice


      Good product, quality wonderful


      It's a great face mask . Can get messy though.

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