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Facial Mask Animal Deep Moisturizing Sheet Mask - Duck/ Rabbit/ Bear (BQY8487)

bioaqua Certifications FDA



  • Cartoon Duck -Pomegranate Facial Mask .
  • Cartoon Rabbit -Cherry Blossoms Facial Mask.
  • Cartoon Bear -Green Tea Facial Mask.
  • Functions: Firming, Moisturizing, Deep Clean, Brighten Skin Tone, Oil-control.
  • Green tea (Yellow Bear): Oil control, moisturizing, remove excess sebum.
  • Cherry blossoms (Pink Rabbit): Brighten skin tone, moisturizing, make skin elastic and young.
  • Pomegranate (Green Duck): Rich in vitamin, make skin healthier and young, cure dull and uneven skin tone.

  • Item Type: Treatment & Mask
  • Feature: Moisturizing, Depth Replenishment
  • Formulation: Lotion
  • Type: Wrapped Mask
  • Gender: Female
  • Use: Whole Face
  • NET WT: 30g
  • SKU:BQY8487

  • 1. After cleansing, gently place the mask in the whole face, gently press with your fingers to make it sufficiently close to the skin.
  • 2. Relax spirit, enjoy the 15-20 minute time for the mask, make the skin for absorbing nutrients fully.
  • 3. Remove the mask. The face still has Essence. Gently massage can be used to help the skin to absorb.
  • 4. In conjunction with the follow-up skin care products, the nutrients can be locked in the skin.


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