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Horse Ointment Miracle Skin Essence Hand Cream (BQY3444)

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1. Texture
- Deep nourishment with avocado emulsion and shea butter extracts.
- An ultra-hydrating texture that thoroughly moisturizes the hands.
- A lightweight texture that absorbs quickly without leaving behind a sticky or oily residue.

2. Fragrance
- The natural scent that makes you feel like you’re on Jeju Island.
- The long-lasting fragrance that’s like wearing perfume.
    •  Naturally mild, no irritation.
    • Keep the skin be watery all day, embellish healthy skin.
    • Moistening Embellishing Protecting skin.
    • Fading fine wrinkles Repairing.
    • Preventing dry skin and split.
    • The cold wind in Fall or Winter, Pollution, Dry air, etc.
    • Make your busy hands dry do not care skin.
    • The hands are rough, dry, decrustation.


    Horse Ointment Miracle Skin Essence Hand Cream

    Horse Ointment Miracle Skin Essence Hand Cream

    Horse Ointment Miracle Skin Essence Hand Cream

    Horse Ointment Miracle Skin Essence Hand Cream



    • Item Type: Cream
    • Use: Hand
    • Feature: Whitening, Anti-Aging, Moisturizing, Pigmentation Corrector, Oil-control, Antibacterial, Nourishing, Anti-chapping
    • Fragrance: natural essence
    • Ingredient: horse oil secret natural extracts plant essence
    • NET WT: 60g
    • SKU: BQY3444

    STEP 1 - Smear hand scream, absorb nourishment fully.

    STEP 2 - massage gently, relieve the fine wrinkles.

    STEP 3 - massage knuckle, stimulates circulation.

    STEP 4 - Pull each hand, relax hands.

    STEP 5 - Press opisthenar, relieve pressure.

    STEP 6 - Press meridian vessel, improve loose skin.