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    (00BQY4150) BB Makeup Roller Cream Thin Concealer

    (00BQY4150) BB Makeup Roller Cream Thin Concealer

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    • Natural Extracts: Mainly made of natural ingredients, no harm to the skin.
    • Moisturizing: Moisturizes and moisturizes skin, using liquid foundation and sunscreen throughout the day.
    • Brightening: This cream has a little flash effect of brightening the complexion. It makes you brighter.
    • Long Lasting: Keep the cosmetics lasting.
    • Protection: It is also an excellent skin protectant that prevents any harmful substances in the air — no matter coverage throughout the day.
    • Convenience: The roller design is straightforward to operate.
    BB Roller Cream Thin Concealer
    BB Roller Cream Thin Concealer

    Use BIOAQUA outlast air cushion BB cream to take full advantage of primers, concealers, and foundations in one easy step. This formula feels light on the skin, keeping it sun-protected throughout the day, leaving you dull. It is ideal for brightening skin, covering spots and pores for a refined look.

    • Type: BB & CC Creams
    • Formulation: Cream
    • Ingredient: Face Makeup BB Cream
    • NET WT: 130g
    • Skin Type: All Skin Types
    • Benefits: Waterproof / Water-Resistant, Oil-control, Moisturizer, Whitening, Natural, Concealer, Easy to Wear
    • SKU: BQY4150

    1. Press the button 5-7 times while using the first time.
    2. Scrolling it on your face, you can control the cream by the button.
    3. Enjoy your beauty.

      1. Stored in a dry, dark place.
      2. Avoid contact with the wound.
      3. Any adverse reactions, stop using.
      4. Sensitive skin should test before using.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 12 reviews
      Sue Galloway
      BB makeup thin concealer - the best 💫

      I love this concealer, especially for under-eye dark circles. It is very lightweight to wear but has monster staying power! Great coverage and a great colour and most importantly it doesn’t crease, ever!

      Kathryn Wilson

      Great product.
      Love it.
      Many thanks

      Rachel Walker

      While my acne has been better in the past year than basically my whole life, I still have spots every moment and this really does help cover them up. I I tried this on and bought my first one in the store and have been buying online every sense as it's easier and cheaper. It does leave you shiny so I use a simple finishing powder to take it away. This, for me, is very useful in evening out my skin tone but don't expect this to completely cover up everything - you'll need something made for spot coverups for that.

      Ciarra Sanchez

      I tried this out at a beauty product store before purchasing so I knew exactly the color I wanted. This can be used in lieu of a foundation.I love this BB Cream! Out of the several I have tried, this is more pigmented and imitates a light-coverage foundation. It doesn't make me greasy, dry, or zitty (as I can be prone to all three). remember,that you'll be needing concealer for any redness.


      This is exactly what BB cream I've been looking for. It's light, blends in well to your skin, becomes pretty much invisible after you put it on, and looks very natural. It won't really cover anythings on your least for me. I'll definitely be buying again.


      I��m hooked by this roller BB cream. now! Love it! Easy to put on and after it sets it has the perfect natural dewy complexion that gains my tons of compliments.

      Lucy Dancerbill

      I love bioaqua BB cream. This is my favorite every day foundation. It's light and makes me look younger than I am. I don't want a full coverage face, but I do have rosy skin and wanted something to give me a smooth look while also toning down the red. I also have dryish skin. This cream handles all of that really well, and stays on a good while.


      Windy and sunny is strong here, and this product is saving my face. I am super fair skinned and the sun here is unforgiving, to say the least. This product is super light and hydrating, and also offers awesome sun protection. It is perfect for doing a no make up look (obvious make up in uniform is frowned up in the military) and a little bit goes a long way for color correction. The product doesn't cake up and other products I've used in this area tend to catch sand during dust storms. It is expensive for it's size, but worth every coin in my opinion. I wish I could subscribe to have this product sent to me every two months!

      chris m.

      I'm not a big fan of makeup. Typically I wear an under-eye concealer, powder, blush, and mascara. I wanted to give this a try just to see what it will be like. The sticker is just emmm.. I don't like the black one.

      Catherine Wang

      It blends redness. Easy to apply. Great great item ! I am really fond of this stuff, just changed over to it a few months ago - good coverage with a make-up free look to it - brightens skin.





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