How to use face mask: Tips to Remove

    Skin care is very important, masks can be a good way to improve skin problems, but why different people use the same mask have different effects?

    Here's a tip to remove the sheet masks to get the most effects of it.

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    The mask should be removed from the bottom up.

    • Why❓

    The reason why it is to be removed from the bottom up after applying the mask is mainly due to the influence of gravity, and the pores are mainly downward. Tearing the mask from the bottom up is not easy to clog pores, and can effectively prevent the phenomenon of sagging skin.

    In fact, the sheet masks is similar to the face wash that everyone usually uses to wash the face, and when washing the face wash, it is also circled from the bottom up, which also helps the skin absorb more nutrients.

    • How❓

    Note 1: The mask must be removed in 15-20 minutes.
    Note 2: Remove the mask from bottom to top.
    Note 3: Slightly massaged for about 2 minutes after removal.
    Note 4: Washed with water or not, and finally used hydrating moisturizing skin care products.

    Only in this way will it not lead to clogging of pores, so that the product absorption is better and the effect is better.

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