Laser hair removal instrument

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  • Principle of depilator

The principle of hair removal instrument is to use laser to let hair follicles enter the dormant period, so as to achieve the purpose of hair no longer growing. At present, there are household hair removal instruments and professional medical hair removal in hospitals. Note that laser hair removal cannot be used at scars and moles, otherwise it will be dangerous.

tips:This product is a European / Australian / American 3-in-1 power plug



  • Working mode: laser
  • Material: ABS
  • Power supply mode: AC
  • Power mode: Electric
  • Hair removal part: whole body
  • Color: Black (non freezing point) / white (non freezing point) / Pink Silver (freezing point) / platinum (freezing point)
  • Cleaning method: do not wash
  • Product certification: CE, ROHS, FCC, PSE
  • Wet and dry: no
  • Depilator wavelength: 480-1100nm
  • Standard energy density of depilator: 3-6j / m2
  • Whether there is freezing point function: Yes
  • Weight: 0.5kg



Precautions after depilation: keep skin tender and moist all the time

Post depilation care method 1: after depilation, the skin is easy to become dry, not to mention in autumn, so the moisturizing work should be carried out continuously. Because the skin is fragile after depilation, however, the selection of moisturizing products should be very careful. Try to choose natural ingredients, anti allergy formula and clear and soft moisturizer.

Precautions after depilation: avoid direct sunlight

Post depilation care method 2: after depilation, the skin is prohibited from contacting the sun. UV can directly damage the hair follicle for the second time. It is difficult to produce melanin and lead to garbage precipitation, so small black spots will grow out. Although sunscreen should be used, sunscreen must not be used. Try to stay indoors and use some physical sunscreen methods.


Precautions after depilation: reduce the use of whitening products

Post depilation care method 3: after depilation, the skin is very fragile. Try not to use too many skin care products. Many mm like to use sunscreen. In fact, this doesn't work. If you want to whiten your skin, there are many methods. Choose some pure natural whitening methods, such as white vinegar whitening method. Add a small amount of white vinegar when bathing. After soaking, it can play a natural and safe whitening effect and inhibit the growth of hair.


Precautions after depilation: avoid spicy food and keep the diet light  

Post depilation care method 4: pay attention to diet after depilation. Try to eat some light food and avoid spicy food. You can't eat some allergic food, such as seafood. Be sure to eat more fruit,




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