Activated Carbon Nose Blackhead Remover Mask

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Are you struggling with constant acne breakout, oily skin and disgusting blackhead/whitehead?

Bioaqua Face mask can help. You will be glad that you got this product. BIOAQUA is a highly porous activated carbon charcoal mask that absorbs pores of blackheads and stubborn dirt, chemical and unwanted toxins effectively enriching your skin reducing the formation of wrinkles and sagging.

This Original BIOAQUA is Smooth, Soft & Supple! Finally, The Perfect Face Mask strips to look at boosted hydration, deep purification, and intensive toning.

  • Deep Facial Cleansing: Remove acne, blackheads, and blemishes. Help to remove the stubborn stain or oil spots on your face.
  • Give you Younger and Smoother Skin: Moisturize your skin, giving it an excellent feel. And it can also remove the facial hair on your face to make it very smooth and healthy.
  • Multi-Purpose: Reduces the effect of computer radiation on the skin, adds vitality to the dull and uneven surface, and makes the skin firmer.
  • Improved Blood Circulation: Improves skin blood circulation, and generally contributes to younger, healthier skin.
  • Easy to Use: Completely easy to use the mask that comes with basic instructions so you can put it to use right out of the box.


Activated Carbon Nose Blackhead Remover Mask

Activated Carbon Nose Blackhead Remover Mask

Activated Carbon Nose Blackhead Remover Mask

Activated Carbon Nose Blackhead Remover Mask

Activated Carbon Nose Blackhead Remover Mask


  • Item Type: Activated Carbon Remove Blackhead Mask
  • Formulation: Mask
  • Type: Black mask
  • Use: Nose
  • Gender: Unisex  
  • NET WT: 6g
  • Benefits: Blackhead Remover, Skin cleaning
  • Ingredient: Herbal 
  • SKU:BQY0848

  1. Clean face with cleaner, depositing with hot towels for 3-5 minutes until the pores open or get steam and make sure you completely dry your skin with no remains of moisture.
  2. Apply a good 'THICK' layer of the black mask evenly on the forehead, nose, chin, and cheek. Use an applicator brush for best results. One pack of BIOAQUA 6gm can be applied on the whole face if used with applicator brush.
  3. After 30 minutes it will completely dry and ready to be taken off from Bottom Up. It will come off completely and will leave your face very smooth and a clean feeling to it. 

FOR BEST RESULTS: Use Bioaqua once a week, and it will make a huge difference. We recommend this item for anyone except skin allergy.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are allergic we suggest a trial on your hand, wrist or palm area before using on face.


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I saw this product being used on a youtube video and had to try it. I've used the store version of the pore strips but they don't really do a good job. This stuff looks so gross and is kinda strange to paste onto your nose, but it actually works! Even if it doesn't get all of the dirt out, it shrinks your pores and makes your skin look much more even. I love them!


This is a really great product you will love it extreamly affordable and works PERFECTLY you wont need anything eles.

Heather Trayloron

Love this product and will continue to purchase it.


Although the smell is a little strong, love this product i can fee a huge difference as soon as i peel off the mask!!!!! I even recommended my sisters to buy this!!!!


Got to say I love this product!! It gets out everything while leaving your skin smooth! My boyfriend like the results so much he gave it a go and its become a regular thing for us. Much better than any nose strips you buy!!


Love love love these. They work so well and make your face feel fresh after you use them.


Very happy with this product, it works great. I definitely notice my pores are much smaller after using and my skin looks great. Would definitely buy again!


this is amazing product!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Absolutely love this product!!!!!


Washed face, let it dry, then put on mask. It dried a little longer than stated, but I am in WA where it is humid this time of year. Pulled right off, and even though I washed my face, there was a lot of gunk it pulled out. I also like it didn't make me red or irritate my skin like some products I have found.